Five Things to Look for in a Young Horse

Many groups specialise in training young horses for others to use. Some qualities make a young horse really good.

Solid Build

Some horses do not look their age, and if a horse has been overworked, it will put potential buyers off. You can tell if a horse is looking worn out.


There’s nothing as attractive as a bold horse which has a lot of confidence. They are usually the ones to take the lead in a parade amongst a pack.

A Total Package

A young horse should have good movement, temperament and should be very sure of itself. When looking at the horse, it should be able to look you right back in the eyes. The horse should have a sense of direction.


It’s always good to have a horse with sturdy limbs, but you won’t always find a perfect animal. Still, you need one with good balance which won’t affect its performance.


If a horse is not trainable, then there isn’t any point buying it. You can’t compromise with temperament, even if the horse is very good looking.

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