Four Signs You Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Your Horse

There are times even in human relationships when things don’t seem to go well between two people. This is common especially between friends, and sometimes the connection is irreparable. This can also happen with your horse. Here are some of the signs you may be missing.

They Are Taking All Your Resources

Whether it’s your time or your money, if your horse seems to be taking too much of everything and giving little in return, then it’s about time to lay down some ground rules.

They Are Developing Psychopathic Tendencies

Do you always have to deal with scars and dirt whenever you visit your barn: ? If your horse is becoming violent and causing bodily harm, it is time to try something else. The best option will be to get a trainer who will help in grooming your horse.

They Prefer You Being Isolated

If your horse is beginning to make you lose quality time with your friends or other important tasks, then you need to do things differently. How do you explain to your friends that you missed their wedding, baby shower or other occasions because of your horse? It would be nice to give your horse a little distance for a better relationship.

You Are Infatuated with Them

Do you keep talking about your horse non-stop and find out you really don’t have any other thing to talk about? Or do you jump at every opportunity to show people a picture of your horse? If you are continually spending too much time on your horse, then you have an unhealthy infatuation. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it anyway because you have probably fallen in love with your horse. Horses are adorable animals, and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with them.

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