Tips to Look Like an Expert in the Saddle

Have you considered going horse riding or is it something you would like to try out for the first time? It’s natural to feel very anxious about it, especially when you know you are getting on top of a huge animal.

This is the primary reason why beginners are usually advised to have an expert around them as a guide when learning horseback riding. These professionals are not only there to teach, but they also make sure that they prevent accidents which may happen during learning.

As one lesson will not nearly be enough for you to be able to ride a horse,

here are some tips which will help.

Wear the Right Gear

It does not matter which style of riding you choose, whether English or Western, you shouldn’t wear beach sandals, shorts or mini skirts when on a horse. It is much preferred to put on long pants and the recommended footwear. Close-toed shoes are suitable for horse riding. Horse riders are also expected to wear helmets and not scarves for safety reasons.

Greet Your Horse

Horses are not vehicles, and you can’t just control them at your own will. They may be scared if they don’t know the rider and become nervous. This is why, as a rider, you need to establish a relationship when meeting with the horse at the beginning. You can greet the horse by extending your hand for it to smell. That gesture is referred to as “horseman’s handshake”.

Mount with Confidence

Anytime you feel nervous, know that your horse can always sense it. Most horses are trained to be mounted on the left side, and you will see your guide holding the horse’s nose when you’re mounting so that the horse does not move while you’re still trying to get on top.

Sit up Straight

If you want to maintain control of your horse, you should always be sitting up tall. Your back should be relaxed while you gently hold the reins. It is also essential that you keep your balance, so the horse doesn’t feel uncomfortable, as though it’s carrying a heavy load.

Be Gentle with the Reins

It doesn’t matter which riding style you choose, your arms should stay relaxed and shouldn’t be pulling too hard on the reins.

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