Top Four Destinations for Horse Riding

Are you looking for an adventure? Then you should consider going on a horseback riding vacation. There are so many places to explore from the steep mountain passes to the lush forests. It will be fun to experience what it feels like to sleep under the stars.

There are many places you can explore while camping, especially on horses. We have compiled the top places you can book your next adventure.


Mongolia is very popular for its horse culture. You can visit the country and learn about their horse culture. There are Mongolian horse guides who take campers through the country’s breathtaking landscape. You can visit the Gobi Desert in the south or follow the ancient trails in the Taiga Mountains in the north.

United States

There’s no place as good as the Western United States for horseback riding. Summer is an excellent time for horse trips, especially in states such as Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Utah, which are the top destinations for a horse adventure.


There is a common saying that the people of Kyrgyzstan are born on horseback. In some of the remote villages here, babies are taught how to sit on the saddle even before they learn how to walk. Many people still use horses to move around the place. It would be great to experience horseback riding at its best here while learning the culture.


Argentina has had a rich culture with horses for many centuries, especially the gaucho, who is known as Argentina’s cowboy. Visit the pristine valleys of Patagonia’s wilderness while you ride the Argentine Criollo horses.

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