Why Horses Make the Best Kind of Friends

Humans and horses go far back. Just like every relationship, they are not without challenges. Researchers have continued to take an interest in what makes riders bond with their horses.

Humans generally have a tendency to anthropomorphise, and this can explain their relationship with horses. The time riders spend together with their horses, gives them reasons to quickly bond. Horses, on the other hand, find it easy to quickly understand the ways of people and the riding time makes for a better experience.

Findings show that many owners will always continue to cherish their horses, even though the relationship can be quite challenging at times.

Horses are known to buckle whenever they face stressful situations just like human beings. This is known to be especially true when it comes to learning new things, doing boring routines, facing poor relationships, not getting rewarded and having problematic trainers.

All these can cause a horse to display frustration and neuroses according to scientists. Research also shows that the type of work which horses do every day has an effect on their undesirable traits.

If your horse is cordial, you can encourage them by giving food. Just like the saying, the way to a man’s heart is food, the same applies to horses.

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