Amazing and Fun Horse Facts

It is great to learn about this interesting animal which has always been loyal to humans. Here are some of the simple facts about horses.

  • Generally, horses live up to 25 years.
  • In the 19th Century, the horse, Old Billy lived up to 62 years.
  • Male horses are called stallions while female horses are named mares. The young male horses are called colts while the young female is a filly.
  • The only wild horse species existing today is the Przewalski’s horse.
  • Domestic horses belong to one species, even though there are about 400 types of horse breeds. Different breeds have different specialisations, for example, pulling wagons or racing, etc.
  • Whether domestic or wild, all horses are herbivores and feed on grass.
  • In 2003, Italy made the world’s first cloned horse called Haflinger.
  • Horses love sweet tastes and will reject bitter food.
  • A horse team comprises of three to 20 horses in the forest. The team consists of one stallion, while the rest of the members of the group are all females.
  • Stallions are not the leaders of the team, but instead, it is the dominant female who leads the herd.

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