What You Should Know Before You Go Horse Riding

Many people don’t always think about keeping fit when they are handed over the reins, but you should know that horseback riding will give you a serious workout. Even though it looks like the horse seems to be doing all the work, you will also do a lot of work trying to maintain balance and to stay on top of the saddle.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding started a long time ago and dates as far back as 3500 BC. Horses have always been inseparable from man. The horse automobile was invented in the 1800s and was mostly used for pleasure and not as a serious means of transport. These days, however, you will find people on horses for exercise or for competition and even for fun.

When people head to the barn for the first time, they are interested in learning a style of riding. There are two styles; English and Western. What makes these two styles different is the equipment they use. The English uses a smaller and less bulky tack which allows the rider to have closer contact with the horse. Western saddles, on the other hand, are the cowboy style and are designed for comfort as well as for stability.

The Learning Process

A new horse rider will likely feel uncomfortable the first time on a saddle and it takes a lot of strength to keep the right position. The part where they have to squeeze the horse to change its gait will make them work their thighs. Horseback riding makes you work your inner thighs, legs, back, and abdomen.


For everyone who rides a horse, whether new or experienced, safety is paramount. Horseback riders are expected to be kitted appropriately before mounting a horse. Injuries with horses can be quite serious.

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